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Dear Weavers

There is going to be a weaving seminar in October this year in Brookfield, Brisbane, which is planned and organised by me (BB Yarn Supply). There it is, the cat is out of the bag. I have been thinking about this now for a long, long time. Actually, I would have liked it to take place last year, but Covid made it impossible and the seminar was postponed to this year. (And I really hope that it can go ahead this year!!! Fingers crossed.)

The idea behind all this is quite simple. I was looking for a gathering just for weavers, a fun weekend with lots of interaction, talks, speakers, workshop and support. Basically the ultimate weaving weekend. I know that these days you can further your knowledge in weaving very easily online or completing workshops with zoom. But a zoom workshop will never be the same as one to one, being able to interact with everyone and touch the handwoven pieces made. Anyway: The idea came to me after being asked, if I would like to host a workshop with a tutor from overseas in Brisbane. I quickly looked at the costs having this tutor to fly up, overnight stays, venue hire, overall workshop payment and I had to realise that this would not be possible. I simply would have struggled to get the weavers together to cover the costs. This was before Covid, mind you. And as much as I would have liked to have this tutor come to Brisbane, I just did not see it work. But it did make me think. Eventually I came to the conclusion that we don't really need (as nice as it would be to get to know this person) an overseas tutor here. We have plenty of brilliant weavers here in Australia who are able to give a workshop. Just look around or ask any guilds from the East Coast to the West Coast. That is where my idea started to grow into a seminar. 

I thought I start this weaving seminar small to hopefully, if successful, give it a chance to grow. The easiest way is to give a workshop myself. I asked around the weavers in Brisbane and surroundings on what they would like to have a workshop of and the topic "Echo & Iris" topped all points. So I have put together a workshop on "Echo & Iris" based on the book from Marian Stubenitsky. Instead of having her here, we will follow her book and create our own colour fun. I have also thought about speakers or topic weavers would like to hear about. One topic close to my heart is photography. Do you know how to take an excellent picture of your pieces to be put into an exhibition or show? I always struggle with it, no matter what I have created and I am never sure if the photo I have sent in was good enough. Coming from this idea, I have organised a product photographer who will come and give us great tips and tricks on how to photograph a textile piece. There will also be a talk about Japanese textile and an introduction to the TC loom from Norway.

And for all this we will stay in a large mansion with spa, pool and garden to relax. Here is the program for the two days:



9.30am - 4pm

Echo & Iris workshop, day 1

5 - 6pm

Photography talk by Blake Image Photography, www.theblakeimage.com.au

6 - 8pm


8 - 10pm

Weaving presentations (Suzy Furness talks about her TC loom)





9.30am - 4pm

Echo & Iris workshop, day 2

5 - 6pm

Japanese textiles, presentation by Kumi Robinson

6 - 8pm

8 - 10pm


Show and tell, topic Inspiration





- 11am

Breakfast and goodbyes


If you would like to read more about this seminar go to www.bbyarn.com and look for weaving seminar or use the link here


Okay now listen to this: I have launched the registration two weeks ago, thinking let's see how many people I can get together without promotion. Within 4 days the whole seminar was booked out!!! It went so quick, that some weavers who were interested didn't have a chance to register. It was sort of good and bad. I struggled with keeping up with the registrations and even had to say no to weavers who really wanted to come. But overall I was amazed. It seems that this is really something weavers want. So therefore I thought I'll start a list for weavers who missed out and would like to be on the next one. Yes, I am thinking of either repeating the seminar or having another one next year. But first I would like to see how this one is going and how the venue is holding up. If you would be interested in a weaving seminar next year, let me know and you will be put on the list straight away. When the next registration will open you will be the first to know and able to register. Send an email to sales@bbyarn.com and let me know what you would like.

I sincerely apologise to each one of you who would have liked to come to the first weaving seminar and unfortunately missed out. You will be missed.

I better get going and start organising. There are only 3 months to go. 

Happy weaving


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  • Sharon condon says...

    Hi Ursula I am very interested in a weaving workshop are you holding any this year if so I would like to join..
    Thanks Sharon

    April 14, 2022

  • Sharon condon says...

    Hi if you have any other weaving workshops, I would be interested thank you

    October 21, 2021

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