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Sample card

Dear Weavers

I love colours, always have and always will. Colours are something that I honestly could not live without. The different shades of a colour bring joy to me and make me happy every day. I could play with them all day long and sometimes I have to physically stop myself, otherwise the day would be gone. Designing with colour is probably my favourite part in weaving, next to the weaving part itself of course. Just recently I designed some t-towels and my challenge was to use up the colours I had. I made three designs and only stopped at that because I was hungry. Next day I came back to it and couldn't decide which one to choose. Well, so I ended up choosing two out of three. 2x 10m warp for t-towels. Mhmm what have I done? Yes, colours can get me in trouble. 

10m warp

That is why I do enjoy making the sample cards for BB Yarn Supplies yarns. When I started this business I always wanted to have a good array of yarn colours available. The idea always was to have a set of colours per yarn available. The same colours, so that if you need more of that specific colour, it will still be there for you. A sample card was needed to be able to differ the colours. This way the sample card can be sitting at home on your desk and used for designing or maybe just the purpose of thinking about colours. When it comes to ordering the yarn, all you have to do is give me the number of that specific colour and you can be assured, that you will get exactly what you looked at on the card.

Colour circle

But getting back to the making of the sample cards: I enjoy making them, because at the same time, I can look at the colours and dream. Sometimes I find very interesting combinations and I write them down in my ideas booklet for a later day. I don't really know what it is, but colours do cheer me up. Any colour and with all its many shades, one can never stop dreaming. And after that the same green looks different in silk than it does in linen, therefore creates even more options. Never ending...

Guatemala fabric

All sample cards are made just for you. The cards show you the exact yarn in colour and thickness. At the same time each card also represents a business card. Every yarn from BB Yarns has a sample card, some of the yarns even have two. I quite often divide them into warm (reds and golds) and cold (blues and greens) sample cards. All sample cards are for free and can be ordered from my online shop at

Last weekend we had a visitor from overseas staying with us and on Sunday we decided to show him the area we live in. Because of the rain we had over the last couple of weeks, everything looks lush and green. In Mt. Perry we came across this great lookout and the view that greeted us up there was just incredible. I honestly have never seen it so green before. Well, we are certainly enjoying it as long as it lasts.

Mt. Perry lookout

That's it from me. Back to my looms and weaving.

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Thank you for reading

Happy weaving



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