The siblings of the pearl cotton 10/2

Pique sample

Dear Weavers

In this month I would like to introduce the little and older brothers/sisters of the pearl cotton 10/2. The pearl cotton 10/2 is the most popular of the UKI pearl cotton series. There are three more yarns available, spun exactly the same way for which the pearl cotton is famous for. I've heard that this yarn got its name for the way it is spun. The twist in the yarn looks apparently like a pearl. I don't know if this is true, but I kind of like the idea of this. A yarn looking like a pearl, sounds good right?

There are two pearl cottons thicker than the 10/2 and one yarn is finer. The 3/2 is the thickest of them all and I estimate that it has about the thickness of a 4ply Australian standard yarn. The 5/2 is a little bit thinner than the 3/2 and the 20/2 is the very fine one. BB Yarn does now stock all sizes of the pearl cottons, but only in white so far. If I ever win the lotto, I promise I will have the 3/2 and 5/2 yarns in all its colours on stock immediately. Until then, we have to make do with the white. The 20/2 pearl cotton is no longer produced in colour and only available in black and white. I have both of them in stock. But should you need one of the 3/2 or 5/2 pearl cottons in colour, this yarn, being a 100% cotton yarn, is very easy to dye. It takes the dye very well and can be boiled, dunked, painted or even sun or freeze dyed. 

Pearl cotton 3/2 = 2548m/kg         100g = 254.8m = approx. 278yds

Pearl cotton 5/2 = 4247m/kg         100g = 424.7m = approx. 463yds

Pearl cotton 20/2 = 16987m/kg     100g = 1698.7m = approx. 1852yds

All of the pearl cottons from 3/2 to 20/2 have the same fabulous price of $16.90/100g

These pearl cotton yarns are good for many weaving projects. The Handwoven magazine has often projects with the 5/2 pearl cotton presented. Like the popular 10/2 pearl cotton, these yarns have a huge versatility of how they can be used. I was looking through my records to find some example where I have used some of these yarns. Maybe I can inspire you to choose one of the yarns for your next project.

Chair pads 20/2

Chair pads, stitched doubleweave, pearl cotton 20/2 in warp and weft, 36epi per layer, woven balanced

Tea cosy pique
Pique fabric, painted 5/2 pearl cotton for the stitcher warp, 10epi
Crepe scarf
Crepe scarf, pearl cotton 20/2 in warp, crammed 36epi and spaced 12epi
Velveteen sample
Velveteen samples for 8+ study group, pearl cotton 5/2 in the warp at 16epi, also in weft for hem and stabiliser
Bookmarks maroon
Bookmarks, pearl cotton 20/2 in warp and weft, pearl cotton 10/2 for supplementary weft, 36epi

Did I make you feel like having a go at one of these yarns? Please do! The pearl cottons are such a easy to use yarn and there are endless projects waiting for you to be completed. The link below will take you straight to BB Yarns website and the pearl cottons. 

UKI pearl cottons

Looking forward to hear from you.

Happy weaving



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