Bambu 12 & Bambu 7 yarn

Look, look, look we have a new yarn available online!
This time it is a real favourite of mine and I am sorry this yarn hasn't been made available earlier. I do like all of the yarns I sell, truly, otherwise I wouldn't sell them. Usually when a new yarn catches my eye, I first buy some for myself and then test it. If I'm happy with it, I start selling it. I would never sell any yarns, that I don't know how it weaves. It's like the yarn has to convince me first, that it is good and deserves to be sold to other weavers.
You probably want to know what new yarn I've got. Well it is the little sister of Bambu 7, it's called Bambu 12. It is exactly the same style yarn like the popular Bambu 7, only much finer. Made out of 100% bamboo fibre. This yarn has the same softness and cool feel like Bambu 7. It is absolutely wonderful to work with and produces the most luxurious fabric ever. But it is fine, finer than the UKI pearl cotton and nearly as fine as the 20/2 Tencel yarn. The yarn is available in natural colour only so far. There are a couple of colours available and I will have them on stock sometime in the future. 
Yes, it is no secret, I love to work with fine yarns. The Bambu 12 yarn is not the finest I worked with, so therefore not in the impossible range of weaving. I love this yarn so much, that I couldn't help myself to weave several projects with it. Last year I wove a whole set of scarves with it, which I call the Amalgamation scarves (see the photo above). They are available to buy online as a Glui7 product on
Would you like to have a go? I recommend to use the Bambu 12 with a sett of 26-28 epi for plain weave or 30-32 epi for a twill. Then weave it balanced and you will get this wonderful cuddly soft fabric. Do not over beat the bamboo yarn. I light push is all it needs, the rest is done with the wet finishing. A bamboo fabric also likes a good press with a hot iron, even steam iron. Try it out.
This photo of the scarf above has a Bambu 12 warp and a Bambu 7 weft. It is a Summer & Winter pattern and has a painted warp. The Bambu 12 like the Bambu 7 take the dyes very well and is really easy to dye. For more info on the Bambu 12 go to
In other news on the Bambu line: One colour of the Bambu 7 line has been made obsolete. It was the Cerise colour #418. Instead of the Cerise we now have a Raspberry colour #620. It is a very lovely colour, but honestly I have no idea why it is called Raspberry. It doesn't look like a Raspberry, doesn't it? I would rather call it sweet pink or fairy floss? But hey, I am not the one who names these yarns... but sometimes I wish I was. 
We have finally received some cooler days lately. What a relief! This summer really had us sweating for a long time. The temperature wasn't particularly high this summer, but the humidity certainly was! We had an unbelievable amount of days with so high humidity, that even sitting at the computer made you sweat. But at the same time, we are very grateful for all the rain we have received this summer. Tanks are full, dam is full and we could hear the grass growing. Here is a photo of Lucky and me on our morning walks along Michelles road standing next to some grass that was taller than me! I know I'm not the tallest of person, but still.
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Happy weaving

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