Big Move!

Rainbow over Weaving studio

Dear Weavers

It's been a while! But can you see the rainbow in the picture above?

I hope this blog finds you all well & safe and I hope you have all started 2022 with a new and happy lookout! Yes, it has been a while and I have to say, I missed writing this blog. This might sound rather crazy and weird, but writing these blogs bring me a lot of enjoyment and clarity. It feels a bit like when I write all this down, it seems to clear in my head and there is relief. And I really, really do enjoy being able to help or maybe give a little support or happiness to other weavers. Or to friends. I learned that not just weavers read this blog, there are also some friends who enjoy reading it. 

Now to the news: Yes, BB Yarn Supply, Roland and I, with Lucky the dog have moved. We have spent the last two years building this house in the bush with no intentions to move this fast. It was always the intention to retire in this new house and we are no way near retirement. But I guess over the two years building, a lot of things changed. First up there was this mad virus spreading around the world. It made us think that living in the country could be much safer than in a big city. Then of course there is the temptation of being able to move into a brand new house. One that we built ourselves! We thought about this and discussed it many times, before the argument that this new house needs looking after too, gave us the decision. How could we leave this house alone now, when we spent so many hours building and caring/worrying. This house literally has blood, sweat and tears on it. Shouldn't we enjoy it now?

So we collected our courage and took the step. We did it! We moved at the beginning of December last year and had everything unpacked by Christmas. The business side of things took a little bit longer but now eventually I am fully set up and going. 

New officeNew office

Okay where did we really move to? It is a location called Horse Camp out in the bush, about 15 minutes drive from Gin Gin. Our house sits on a hill and we have the best view in the whole world. It really feels like we are alone on this earth and there is no one else here. In German there is a saying for a remote place, it goes something like a place where the fox says goodnight to the hare. That is how it feels like up here, nature all around with birdsong waking you up in the morning and the croaking of green frogs putting you asleep at night. I haven't seen any fox yet, but there are hares...

Warping with a view

Warping with view

The next larger town with facilities like a small hospital, supermarket and post office is Gin Gin. This town is at the Bruce Highway approx. 450km north of Brisbane. Or the larger town of Bundaberg is just an hour away. Having Gin Gin 15 minutes drive away is quite handy and we are very lucky for the supply of things down there. But it is a 15 minutes drive for a packet of screws or some eggs! You certainly start to think what is needed when you drive down the hill and planning ahead is essential. So far I managed to drive to town maybe two times a week. This of course means, that the parcels of yarn orders will only be posted then. We will see how this goes in the future. So far I have reserved Monday's and Wednesday's as my parcel posting days and at the same time do my personal shopping. The best and quickest way to order yarns is now to do it over the weekend or Tuesday. When you order yarn on a Sunday, it will be posted Monday. If you order yarn on a Tuesday, it will be posted the next day. I hope this makes sense and you do understand the reason for it. I will outline these ordering norms on the website too, so it can't be missed. Of course if it doesn't matter to you when you receive the order, then you can make the order any day you like. 

Other than the parcel posting, nothing has changed. There are still the same great quality yarns available.

We have the popular Pearl cotton 10/2 in 40 colours

The new organic Cottoline in 28 colours

The fabulous Bambu 7 in 36 colours

Our everlasting yarn the Tussah silk 20/2 in 26 colours

The new soft organic 8/2 cotton in 36 colours

Not to forget the Pearl cotton 3/2, 5/2 and 20/2, Tencel 10/2 and 20/2

Soon there will be a new range of linen 16/2 available

I am also finally able to build up the stock and yarn boxes will soon be ready to be ordered again

Of course the weaving correspondence course has moved with me too and is distributed from here now. 

There are still some handwoven articles available on the bbyarn website or you will also find the Glui7 products on

Email address, website and phone number have not changed. They are still the best way to reach me.

Looking forward to hear from you all soon and thank you for your patience over these last couple of months (I'll promise I will never move again....)

Happy weaving


PS: In case you wonder about the floods.... I started writing this blog before this weather system passed. But we are fine. We only had storms one night long with heavy rain and it dumped 120mm of wet stuff on us. Then the weather moved on south towards Gympie and Brisbane. We were very lucky once more! I feel for all the people who have a flooded house yet again and are cleaning up right now. I can still remember the smell from 2011 and how this mud sticks to everything. I feel for you right now!

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