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Bambu 12 & Bambu 7 yarn

Bambu 12 & Bambu 7 yarn

Look, look, look we have a new yarn available online! The Bambu 12, the little sister of Bambu 7 is here!
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Sample cards

Sample cards

Read all about the handmade sample cards from BB Yarn Supply. Each yarn has its own sample card with all its colours on it. Love colours? You need one of those!
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My weaving shed

My weaving shed

Two looms

Dear Weavers

I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and started the new year relaxed with lots of creative ideas and amazing plans for 2024.

I have used the time between Christmas and New Year to make the move into my new weaving studio complete. We, my husband and I managed to finish two lots of steps/entrances to the doors. One entrance even received a proper porch, little roof and large steps. I already lost track on how many times I have walked up these steps by now. It's wonderful to have this grand entrance!


My office is now also moved into the weaving shed and with it everything regarding BB Yarn Supply, including the correspondence course and 8+. The weaving shed now has everything in one place.

Yarn storage

All of BB Yarn Supply with all its yarns and accessories is now here, my three looms are finally all in one room and all the Glui7 materials are here too. By the way this is the first time all three looms are together in one room. I can now jump from one loom to the other quite easily. This is now truly a weaving place only (except for the orchids...). My happy place!

Warping mill & orchids

I like to have all the looms occupied with something. I am totally aware, that one can only weave on one loom at a time, but I don't like looking at a "naked" loom. So therefore this was the first thing I worked on, making a warp for each one of them. At the moment the small computerised Mecchia has the t-towels for the shadow weave workshop on it. The large computerised Mecchia has a white warp on it for a fabric to make caps. It is the same kind of fabric like the pullover scarves, but only one layered. The Glimakra is about to have a 10m warp for turned twill t-towels wound on. Whenever a visitor is stepping into the studio, there will be something to see and nobody has to imagined how these looms are suppose to work. I am more than happy to give a quick demo and show someone what these looms can do. Over the festive season I already had two interested visitors in my studio.

Jeff's warpSmall loom

My plans for the future, probably not quite this year maybe next, would be to open the studio for weavers to enjoy workshops right here. I have three looms to work on, so I'm thinking to give private workshops for one or two weavers at the time. Not just a day, probably from two day to a week long stay, to have time to concentrate on a topic in great length. A week of weaving in a relaxed and peaceful place for you to enjoy. Weaving from morning until night, no interruptions and chores to do. Only the accommodation has not been solved yet, but this can be sorted in the nearby town of Gin Gin. What do you think? Would you be willing to come here for a weaving retreat?

Magazine corner

So what is in my weaving studio apart from the three looms? There is a great large table for designing or cutting fabrics. My newest edition is a brand new vertical warping mill from Toika, 4m circumference for easy and quick warping. Cupboards and shelves full of yarns. Reading corner with lots of magazines. A mannequin for testing a new form of clothing or take perfect photos. A tv for presentations or watching inspiring videos. The studio is airconditioned for hot days. Beautiful view out the windows.


Enough writing, I better go and do some weaving.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the photos.



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Lots of good news

Lots of good news

Dear Weavers
What happens when you have fun? The time goes by really, really fast! It is somehow the wrong way around. When you have fun, the time should go really, really slow. That way one could enjoy it more. But no, it goes really, really fast and in a blink of the eye it is a memory. That is how I feel at the moment. I have lots of good news for you! Let's start with the best news first:
My new weaving studio is finished and all three looms have been moved! Yes it's true! Unbelievably exciting. I still can't believe this space all belongs to me alone. My new happy place!! Here is the first sneak peak...
Looms moved
There are still couple of small things that need to happen like the new shelves for my yarn stock, my office still has to be moved, air-condition installed  and sewing nook to be established. But the main thing has happened, the looms have been taken apart, carried up the hill to the studio and reassembled. They are all obviously "naked" and in desperate need for a warp! This will be my work for the next couple of weeks. All three looms need to have a warp on, otherwise I am not happy. Yes I know, you can only weave on one loom at the time, but it is just nice to have a choice to where you would like to weave. Don't you think so?
For the next news I would like to introduce to you the new cotton NeC 20/2. It is a very fine and soft cotton yarn for delicate weaving. Since UKI doesn't produce 20/2 cotton any more I had to look for a new supplier of this versatile yarn. This new cotton yarn comes from Switzerland and is available in white and black. Even when you touch the bobbin, it feels soft and cuddly. Weaving with it is a pleasure. I just recently used it for some samples and a t-towel. Very easy to use, no problem and no broken ends at all. I used it with a sett of 40epi or 16epcm. The cotton 20/2 is so fine that it is suitable for many things especially for producing fabric for clothing. For example vests, pants or skirts, shirts or even a scarf. But the cotton 20/2 is also good for kitchenware like placemats, t-towels, dishtowels, dish cloth or napkins. In the photo at the top of this blog post you can see bookmarks made with cotton 20/2. 
Danish costume fabric
Danish dance group: The red fabric was woven by me with cotton 20/2 in the warp
Crepe scarf
This crepe scarf has crammed and spaced warp with cotton 20/2
Bumberet t-towel
T-towel in Bumberet pattern
Chair pad stitched DW
Stitched Double weave with cotton 20/2
I am sure there are many, many more examples for this beautiful yarn. It is available at on 100g bobbins for $21.90. For more information click on any of the photos above to get straight to the right page.
Hervey Bay reunion
In the middle of October about half of the weavers from last years weaving seminar met up in Hervey Bay for a relaxing reunion. Lidia from the Hervey Bay spinners, weavers and fibre artists group hosted a lovely meeting with very yummy morning tea on Saturday morning. We had time to exchange and inspire each other with things we have done since the workshop. It was amazing to see what creations have been produced with Deflected Double Weave. It made me feel really happy to see so many tackle DDW. Even weavers who mentioned never to weave DDW again, picked it up and produced something amazing. After the meeting we visited the Hervey Bay regional gallery to find new inspiration and then we had lunch at the beach. In the afternoon Lidia invited a couple of us to her home to inspect her brand new computerised Toika extension to her Glimakra loom. Very impressive to watch and we all left with new loom envy... The evening was spent at the harbour restaurant with good food and a glass of wine.
Pink breakfast
In the morning we were surprised by Sue who organised a fantastic pink breakfast for breast cancer awareness. With the stomach full of sweets, we said goodbye and only Joy and I drove a little bit further north to Childers where we visited Wagtail Yarns and their Angora goats. I will write about Wagtail yarns in another future blog post, because what I've discovered there will fill another couple of pages. Very exciting. Overall this weekend was fulfilled with lots of laughter and each others inspiration. And for once we all had time to just chat weaving all day. Nowhere to run to, just time to enjoy each others companies, make future plans and collect new ideas. We should do this again and in a new place to discover! Who is willing to host us next time? 
Gympie stall
At the beginning of November I was invited by the spinners & weavers group in Gympie to their picnic day. What a lovely day that was! The day was filled with lots of chats with other weavers and crafters, making new contacts, excellent food, fantastic show & tell and a very exquisite trivia. With another blink of an eye the day was gone. See what I mean, why does time fly when you have fun? It really should be the other way around. And so it takes me back to the beginning or to the end of this blog post.
What have you been up to? Tell me your news, write a comment on this blog post or on BB Yarn Supply's facebook page. 
Take care and happy weaving
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