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Do you dream of using a complex weaving pattern, but you feel uncertain?

Would you like to make a beautiful garment, but you are not quite sure how many threads and which reed to use?

Have you started to weave on your loom and the shed is not opening?

Do you need some help with specific calculations?

Well, maybe I can help!

I am a professional handweaver from Switzerland. During studying at college I was able to gather experience with over 30 different looms. All were different in regard of brand or type, from countermarch, to dobby and counterbalance looms.

I was fortunate to guide a weaving studio for mentally handicapped people and was able to collect a lot of experience. As you can image a lot of strange things can happen in a studio like that. But we always managed to fix any problems and have very happy people weaving. It was an inspiring time with lots of problem solving and adjusting.

How many different weaving patterns exist in weaving? Nobody knows. All I know is that there are three main patterns, tabby, twill and satin weave. But the variations from these three is overwhelming and it does never stop. Each one of them is exciting and great. Even if you have one favorite, there are hundreds of different combinations of your favorite pattern. One fabric can alrealdy look so different by just changing the colours. During my time at college we had to study as many patterns as possible from double weave over the nordic patterns like overshot to an undulating twill.

Sometimes the reaction of a fibre can be surprising too. It is not possible to weave every fibre in the same way, some of them need special attention than others. The linen for example likes moisture to stretch.

Well, I don't know everything, but I like to help. If you have a problem and you can't solve it, maybe I can help. Why don't you give me call or send an email to sales@bbyarn.com

Don't hesitate, make your weaving a happy place.
Cheers from Ursula