UKI Pearl cotton 3/2 and 5/2

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The pearl cottons 3/2 and 5/2 are the big brothers of the pearl cotton 10/2. The yarn is spun and produced the same way, only in different sizes. The 3/2 pearl cotton is the thickest and the 5/2 pearl cotton is a little bit finer. The 3/2 pearl cotton is about equivalent to a 4ply Australian standard size yarn. The 5/2 pearl cotton is something in between the 3/2 and 10/2.  

Like the pearl cotton 10/2, these yarns can be used in many different ways, either for a specific pattern, mixed with other fibers (warp/weft) or as a beautiful end product in mind. All pearl cottons are made out of 100% cotton and mercerised. The soft ply gives it a distinctive feel = the pearl twist. The pearl cotton 3/2 and 5/2 are only available in white. All yarns take the dye very well and being a cellulose fiber are very simple to handle.

These cotton yarns give you the option of creating any sort of article. The pearl cotton is especially good for kitchenware products like t-towels, placemats, but can also be used for anything else, like curtains or even fabric to wear. These yarns are so versatile that they are qualified as the standard yarn for a good product. It is also easy to handle for beginners.

Different dye lots may vary lightly.
Suitable for weaving, embroidery or bookbinding.


100% cotton


Warm machine washable


Pearl cotton 3/2 = 2548m/kg         100g = 254.8m = approx. 278yds

Pearl cotton 5/2 = 4247m/kg         100g = 424.7m = approx. 463yds


On spools of 100g


3/2 = 10-15epi

5/2 = 15-24epi


100g = $18.90

Sample card is available for this yarn

Made in USA

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