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Dear Weavers

Can you believe it? Christmas is only four weeks away. And then after Christmas, this year will shortly come to an end. What an year it has been. It is safe to say that this has been a dreadful but extraordinary year. An year we won't forget and hopefully won't ever happen again. If you reading this, then you are safe and healthy like me and very grateful for that.

If anything learnt from this year it is that we should live life at its best. Do not think, yes, I will do that in a couple of years or when I retire. No, from now on we should all enjoy everything we have to live for and what we have or can (allowed to) have. Get yourself something that brings a smile to your face. Like this luxury gadget you have always wanted but thought the money should go on travel expenses. Well no more travelling at the moment so therefore you can now support the artists and buy the beautiful piece of clothing or jewelry you always wanted.

The situation we live in at the moment needs and relies heavily on everything Australian Made. (Which is a good thing that came out of this virus.) Here is where my offer comes into place. This year I sell all my finished handwoven articles for a very special price ready for Christmas and with free shipping. There might be a piece you like and would love for yourself. But I am sure there are also pieces for someone in your family or friends who love a handmade article to treasure for Christmas. There are placemats, shawls, scarves, bags, hand towels, mats and even a sarong for the summer beach. All these pieces are handwoven, handmade with love and very unique. There is only one of each and nobody else in the whole wide world will have the exact same article. Isn't that a treasure?

Apple matBagCheckerboardBlue scarf

All these handwoven pieces were made as a single piece and not meant to be woven ever again. Sometimes the warp was longer than expected and I was able to change and weave something different. Or it was meant to just be a single piece to try out a new pattern. Or it was made for an exhibition and didn't sell. All pieces are perfectly produced by me and should last a lifetime for you.

These handwoven products are available on my website. Once sold, they will disappear. Go to www.bbyarn.com click on collections and then Handwoven articles and you will see the "treasures". Here is the link: https://www.bbyarn.com/collections/handwoven-articles

Or you can buy the same pieces through my Etsy shop. Go to www.etsy.com and search for HandwovenbyBB (one word).

All pieces are offered with free shipping! And should arrive at your doorstep before Christmas.

Please support Aussie made this Christmas and buy one of my beautiful pieces. Thank you!

 M's & O's scarf

Merry Christmas 

Stay safe and happy weaving




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