Crepe scarf

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If you like blue, this is the scarf for you. This is a fun scarf to wear, as it looks different every day. The scarf is bubbly and stretchy. It can collapse to a small and narrow scarf or worn wrapped around your head as a wide fine fabric. The scarf is very light and has beautiful fine yellow thread dots all over it. When not used any longer, it can easily be stuffed into a bag and reused next time. It won't lose its form and springs back into shape automatically. This scarf could be worn in a cool summer night for protection. This product is handwoven and there is only one of a kind available.

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Size: approximately 180cm x 35cm

Style: Woven by hand in a crepe weave pattern

Content: Cotton and wool

Care: Hand wash only and dry in shade


Handwoven by BB

Ursula Stehle

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