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Pearl cotton 10/2






Dear Weavers

I can't believe Halloween is nearly upon us and Christmas not that far away too. Unbelievable. The festive season this year will definitely not be as usual. I am pretty sure it has something to do with the hovering pandemic which just does not want to go away. Maybe the fact that we are not suppose to gather and have a happy Christmas party. And what about the warm hugs? Oh how I miss a good hug! 

Instead of thinking of what we miss and cannot have, we should look at what we have. So this is the moment when I am going to tell you that there are 7 new fantastic pearl cotton 10/2 colours. Yes!

I base my business on yarns with a certain colour range. I like bright and happy colours and all my yarn ranges do reflect this. My idea always was that I have a certain colour range in stock, so that you, the customer, can always order and re-order the exact same colour again and again. That is also the reason why I offer a free sample card for all my yarns. Unfortunately my idea does not comply with the companies who dye the yarns. Sometimes the colour range changes without notice and there is no other way for me as to adapt. Alas.

Well the company who makes the pearl cotton in the USA has changed directions in their production and reduced/changed the UKI pearl cotton colour range. Unfortunately some of the discontinued colours are in BB Yarns 40 colour assortment of pearl cotton 10/2. There are 7 discontinued colours in the range. I tried to replace them with similar looking colours, hopefully adding another touch of happiness to it.

The discontinued colours are Crab col.#163, Willow green col.#138, Mountain col.#137, Nassau col.#157, Red hot col.#172, Daffodil col.#144 and Oak col.#116. These colours will be available as stock last for 20% off. Therefore a 100g spool will only cost you $13.50. Go to and look for the pearl cotton 10/2 20% off product or simply click on one of the colours below.

Crab col.#163Willow Green col.# 138Mountain col.# 137Nassau col.# 157Oak col.# 116Hot Red col.# 172Daffodil col.# 144

Happy days because the new colours are Natural, Avocado, Mint, Teal, Royal blue, Red and Light yellow.

Natural col.# 79Avocado col.# 50Mint col.# 92Teal col.# 110Royal col.# 16Red col.# 12Light Yellow col.# 40

I can imagine you all look for the pearl cotton sample card at home right now and check out the colours. Which one stays, which one goes.... Many of these discontinued colours were favorites and I can't understand why they have been taken from the range. But that's how it is. And don't worry about the sample card. A new card will soon be available to order from the website. Just go to go to products and click on sample cards. Or you can simply send me an email ( with your mail address mentioning the new cards. All sample cards are for free and sent out immediately.

I thought while I am having to change the pearl cotton range I might finally change the numbers to the proper UKI pearl cotton numbers. They are totally different numbers than before. But these numbers are well known throughout the weaving world and can be found in all the weaving magazines, especially the Handwoven magazine. Most weaving kits with pearl cotton do also use the UKI pearl cotton numbers. This way it will be much easier for you to follow the instructions from the kit or magazines, as the numbers match perfectly. I will of course leave the old pearl cotton numbers on the website and you will find these in brackets after the new UKI number.

Pearl cotton 10/2 is one of the most versatile yarns in weaving. There are so many creations you can make with this yarn. It ranges from t-towels to apron, table cloths, fabric to wear, curtains... I could go on and on. Yes, I admit, it is probably my most used yarn in weaving.

Pearl cotton fabric

With having seven beautiful colours with 20% off wouldn't this be the best way to give someone the perfect Christmas present? You can either weave something and give it as a gift or you could also consider some spools to be the perfect gift for another happy weaver. Maybe your mum is a weaver and would be happy to weave something with these colours for you? Can I make you feel tempted? Go to

The sett for the pearl cotton 10/2 I normally use is 24epi for plain weave and 28-30epi for twill. But as usual it really depends what you intend to make, so don't stick to these suggestions. Make it the best for your own creations.

I hope you stay safe and I'm already looking forward to write about something else exciting next month.

Happy weaving everyone



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