Weaving seminars 2022

DDW scarf workshop

Dear Weavers

Time seems to fly right now. I didn't even get to write a blog post in May and meanwhile it is already past middle of June, winter solstice. I will have to catch up on writing, because I really want to manage 1 blog/month this year. That means a lot of writing is coming up for me and a lot of reading for you.

Registration for the seminars is now open! 

Yes, you have read correctly, there are going to be more than one seminar, to be precise there are going to be two. After my little promotion in the last blog post in April, I had an absolutely amazing response for the fabulous weekend ahead. There were so many of you who would love to be part of it. So many, that I would have had to decide who gets in and who doesn't. I couldn't help it and started looking for another solution. A discussion with my husband opened up an idea: Why don't I have two seminars in a row. Two exactly the same, same place, same workshop and same talks? This would open it up for double the amount of weavers to be able to participate. I immediately contacted the Brookfield retreat host and she said yes. The Brookfield retreat is now booked for a whole week. Seminar 1 will be held from 11.-13. October and Seminar 2 from 14.-16. October. One is more for weavers who are not working and can attend during week days. The other seminar is for long weekend lovers. Your choice. There will be one day in between the two seminars, where the cleaning crew will come in to clean and change the bed linens. I will be the only person staying there the whole week.

On offer this year is: 

  • Deflected Double Weave workshop, two days from 9.30am-4pm, learn how to design DDW, weave a row of samples (warp supplied) and explore colours within this weave structure
  • Have a go at being your own textile photographer, learn and explore tips and tricks of photography by having a go
  • Take your freshly taken photos and make them presentable for an exhibition entry or an online shop like Etsy
  • Talk by Jenny Jackett on how to make up your handwoven fabrics. What to look for before cutting into it
  • Being able to browse through BB Yarns extensive yarn supply and purchase what your heart desires
  • Relaxed gathering with like minded people or enjoy a dip in the pool or get soaked in the spa

WS Brookfield retreat

There are going to be a couple of changes:

- The workshop itself will be held in the newly renovated garage, made into a workshop/presentation room. The room has much better lighting and suitable flooring.

- There are only going to be 10 spots available for each seminar. Although the house could hold more, the experience from last year showed that 10 was a good number, regarding house and bedrooms available

- The 10 spots are only available for overnight participants. No more day visitors.

- Last year I prepared all the food in advance. Living 450km away from Brisbane has put a stop to this idea. Therefore the dinner for both nights will be delivered from a local restaurant.

- This year the option of arriving the evening before will be available for long distance travellers. The cost for one more night will be $50. Last year we figured out, that the traffic around this area of Brisbane in the mornings is horrendous. You will now be able to avoid this and arrive early.

If you are interested in participating in this years seminar, you better be quick. Last year the seminar was booked within 4 days. Just saying. Interested? The link below will take you to the website where you can download the registration form. It is a pdf file which can easily be filled in and sent back with payment to me via email. 

Weaving seminar 2022

Email address: sales@bbyarn.com

WS Brookfield retreat 2

It has now been 6 months since we have moved out into the country. Still loving it! Even though it is certainly much more work than living in the comfort of a city, we wouldn't change a thing. Every morning I get reminded of why and what for we have moved here. I usually get up every day around 5.30-6am and go for a walk with Lucky my dog along Michelles Road. Lately we have been greeted by the most wonderful sunrises. I reckon this is the most beautiful thing to wake up to. Every day it is different, sometimes red/orange, then there could be clouds, next day it has fog and the day after it is like pure gold on the horizon. I am amazed every day how different each sunrise is. Never the same. It also makes me enormous grateful to be alive and to experience such a wonderful thing every single day. Here are some impressions I was able to catch.

Sunrise 1

Sunrise fog







Sunrise 3

Sunrise 4







Happy weaving everyone



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