Weaving correspondence course

Weaving correspondence course

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Dear Weavers

I hope this blog finds you safe and well within your comfortable home. What extraordinary times we live in at the moment with this covid-19 pandemic. Who would have thought at the beginning of this year, that we all suddenly have so much time on our hands? Luckily for us Australians, we escaped the worse and never had to encounter a total lock down. I feel for the people in Europe, especially Italy and Spain which have been locked into their houses or mainly apartments for now over 7 weeks! If you are a weaver over there, I guess there is no escaping, you will have to weave all day.... I also feel for the people in the USA which are doing it so tough at the moment. Please stay safe!

How am I coping with this isolation? Well, I have to say, for me not much has changed. I am a typical introvert and therefore not so much confronted with being alone. And I also work from home. So life has not really changed much for me. It only gets different, when I get out of the house. I am also in the not so risky age group for this virus. I therefore volunteered to do the shopping for my elderly neighbours, which is an experience by itself. To find specific items on a shopping list from someone else can really open up your eyes to new things! I did not know there are so many sorts of soy sauces available....

But I also know that with all this going on around us and we sitting in isolation, can have some strange effects on a human being. Things can be turning in our heads. Scary thoughts won't leave us and news have to be checked a million times a day to be sure one doesn't miss a thing. And news are always negative. I try to keep remind myself about the positive side of this pandemic. So here are my positive things:

- I can finally work on things I left in a box and forgotten about ....

- I can catch up on forgotten chores inside the house like clean the pantry or windows, hurrah

- I can still go for a walk with my dog every day

- I have a supporting and loving husband

- Keep in contact with family and friends with smart phone

- I can order everything online if I need to, thanks for the internet

- I can weave and have plenty of yarn to do so (my yarn stash will last for years of isolation if needed)

- I have a garden which is full of weeds and needs work, hurrah

- I have lots of work to do with my yarn business and weaving correspondence course

And here we are at the topic, the weaving correspondence course

I know that by now with several weeks of isolation behind us, we now have completed all these leftover chores, have a weed free garden, are sick of the walkways in the area, chatted with too many people online and are now looking for something else to do. Well I have something else for you. How about learning to weave in a professional way? This is not just a course where you learn to weave and that's it. This course gives you much more. You will learn how to draw your own draft, there is colour theory for weavers, you get to know all the yarn fibres and their attributes and much more. You will also complete real woven products and not just samples. Within the course you weave t-towels, runners, aprons, bath mats, table mats, scarves and much more. All designed and woven by you.

 Waffle bath mats

The course has three levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced. The first level has 4 weaving projects, the second level has 9 and the third level has 18 weaving projects to complete. So much weaving! The course is put together into modules (so called packages) which are full packed with studies and exercises to work through. Once finished with the package, the assignments have to be sent back for review and to apply for the next package. Each level of the course has 18 packages. There is lots of information packed into each one of these packages. Some packages even include a DVD with small videos on it with instructions for a specific technique or example.


This course is not just an easy way to learn to weave, it really is very comprehensive. The information you achieve through this course gives you the professional knowledge of the weaving craftsmanship. Some participants mentioned to me, that they feel like studying an university course. 

I have started writing all this down over the last couple of years, because while giving workshops over weekends or with continuous groups, I have been asked so many times, if what I teach could be done over correspondence. This was asked by people who work full time and only sometimes have time for their hobby in the evenings or weekends. It was also asked by people who live remote and aren't able to attend any workshops anywhere. So one day I finally sat down and started typing. And here I am now. At the moment we have about 50 participants all over Australia and New Zealand. These participants are all at different stages of the course and happily working on the course whenever they can. The course is made so that there is no time limit and each package can be worked through in their own pace.

The course is for any weaver at any stage. There are some pretty advanced weavers doing this course and they all tell me, that they pick up new and handy things by reading and working through the packages every time. The course can also be there for new inspiration. Sometimes a weaver can get stuck and feel like doing the same thing over and over again. This course can make you think outside the square and open eyes for new designs and ideas.

Cotton boll

I have been working and writing on this course now for a while. I write whenever I have time to do so. It can be quite time consuming to put all this information together. Sometimes I start writing and soon realise that the topic is much larger than I thought it would be. Therefore ending up with pages and more pages. Most of the time I also weave the weaving projects to be sure they turn out the way they have to. At the moment I'm also working on putting some extra courses together like colour theory, drafting or weaving projects only. These would be courses where you can work on weaving projects only and won't be bothered by any theory. Or you may only be interested in colour theory or would like to learn how to draw your own draft only. 

There is still heaps to be done. But I thought I introduce the weaving correspondence course here in this blog. Because right now would really be the perfect time to start something like that. Plenty of time and weaving is really relaxing and rewarding. In this uncertain time, you would have a very certain occupation to look forward to. And at the same time you can further your knowledge, learn something new.

Should you be interested, please don't hesitate to send me an email sales@bbyarn.com or comment on this blog. You can read more about the course on the website www.bbyarn.com   The enrollment form can also be downloaded from the website.

Should there be a participant from the course reading this blog, I would very much appreciate a comment!

Please everybody, stay safe, keep weaving and think positive

Happy weaving




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  • Ursina says...

    It is such a comprehensive course, Ursula’s help, advice and feedback is always encouraging, motivating and lets me push myself out of my comfort zone, by not even realising it. Thank you Ursula!!!!

    November 22, 2020

  • Fiona says...

    Great course, has opened up the world of weaving for me. Has given me lots of knowledge and confidence to expand my weaving. I’m looking forward to Level 2.
    Thanks Ursula for your great feedback and advice.

    May 08, 2020

  • Miriam says...

    I love this course, I am learning so much and really look forward to each new package arriving in the mail. Thanks, Ursula 🙂

    May 07, 2020

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