Merino/Tencel yarn 10/2

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There is a new yarn in store! A very fabulous blend of protein and cellulose fibres.  It is the Merino and Tencel® yarn which blends the goodness of wool and soothes it out with the softness of tencel®. This blend creates absolutely stunning fabric with great drape and lovely sheen.  

The Merino/Tencel® is available in 21 gorgeous colours from yellow to navy blue. It is straight half protein and half cellulose fibre, which makes it a 50% wool and 50% tencel® yarn.

The Merino/Tencel® is suitable for weaving, knitting and crochet. The feel of it is absolutely special and you will be thrilled with the result.

The white (natural) colour can be dyed, but be aware that the two fibres will take the dye differently. Which as such could give you a very interesting effect. 

Caution: Some colours may bleed when washed in warm water

*Colours only available as long stock lasts 


50% wool/50% tencel (lyocell)


Hand wash only




On spools of 100g




100g = $27.90

Made in Peru 

Colour sample card is available for this yarn

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