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Organic cotton 8/2
Dear Weavers
It has been a while! Life has been rather busy lately and even though I wrote this blog many times in my head, it hasn't made it to the keyboard until now. Sorry guys, will try and do better over the next months. I don't even feel like starting to list what held me back from writing. Too many things.
I was surprised on how many of you reacted to the last blog post about us building our own house at the moment. Thank you for noticing and being such understanding customers. It is a rather personal fact, but because everyone seems to be interested I show you a little pic of what we have achieved so far. 
This housebuilding, actual building, as we are owner builders, is an amazing adventure and experience. It is everything, filled with all emotions from happiness to total frustration. I never thought this can be possible all in one. And of course it is extremely physically hard work. But overall the feeling of pride is just the most powerful of them all. Did we really build this ourselves? Really? When you create a piece of weaving and wear it for the first time, it is such a great feeling, isn't it? But looking at this house and seeing what we've done is probably about thousand time more strong. It's very powerful and extraordinary.
Now to the weaving and yarn news. We have a new yarn on stock! Yes, between all the building and weaving, I actually managed to put a new yarn in stock. It is another favourite weaving yarn, the 8/2 cotton yarn. I chose the Venne organic cotton yarn for it's fantastic quality and beautiful colours. The 8/2 cotton is unmercerised which leaves it gorgeously soft, but still strong and versatile. Like the organic Cottoline, this yarn is certified organic through GOTS standard. This yarn is the perfect weaving allrounder and there is simply nothing that can't be woven with it. You can weave placemats with it, but it is also perfect suitable for curtains or upholstery. It can of course also be blended with other yarns, for example having this yarn in the warp and a Cottoline in the weft. The organic cotton Ne 8/2 comes in 36 colours from natural to lime green. It comes on 250g bobbins and the price is $32.90
Rep placemat 8/2 cotton
Of course I couldn't just list this yarn range and not trying it out first. I thought long and hard and then decided to give it the perfect test. What better way than making rep weave placemats. Having such a high density warp was the perfect test for this yarn. And it performed. Absolutely no problem and it wove up beautifully. This unmercerised 8/2 cotton yarn is truly the perfect allrounder. 
Rep placemats table 8/2 cotton
I liked the rep placemats so much, that I turned it into a weaving correspondence course project. It is now project 2 in level 2 of the course. The placemats are also used in our household daily and make me happy every day at dinner time. 
The colours used for the placemats were 
The sett for the warp was 50epi. Have a try and make your own placemats. There can be so many colour combinations formed with 36 colours and I am sure you will find your favourite in there. To see all colours in cotton 8/2 go to and look for the organic cotton Ne 8/2 range.
Rep placemats with tulips 8/2 cotton
That is all from me this month. I will be back next month with more exciting news. 
If you have any questions about the new yarn or any other weaving concerns, please don't hesitate to call me or write a comment to this blog post. I am happy to answer any questions.
Thanks for reading and happy weaving

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