Cottolin yarn 20% off

There are quite a few changes brewing here at BB Yarn Supply. Starting with the first news, the Cottolin yarn. This popular European yarn will be totally sold out to make space for the Organic Cottoline (yes with an e at the end) from Venne, which will hopefully be even more popular. I will describe this new and exciting yarn in the next blog.

But first the old Cottolin yarn: This beautiful yarn made out of 60% cotton and 40% linen is ideal for weaving t-towels, tablemats, tablecloths, dishtowels, coasters, potholders or even fabrics for a jacket etc. So many options and ideas. Years ago I made a dressing gown in waffle weave with Cottolin yarn! Why not? I am sure there are plenty more ideas of what you can make with this yarn.

Still lots of colours left to buy, like the amazing "teal", "lemon", "watermelon" or "forget me not". Lots of option to create something wonderful. A bobbin of Cottolin which is 250g is now only $22.50. 20% off, a bargain. Click here to get you straight to the Cottolin special page.

Hope you enjoy and happy weaving


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