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Dear Weavers

Sometimes things change and all we can do is try to adapt.

While we all try to adapt to the "new" world where social distancing and repeated hand washing are going to be a constant, other things start to change. My yarn supplier seems to think it is funny to suddenly change the colour range of their yarns. I know, I know, they don't do it for fun. There are many different reasons for these changes, for example unpopular colours, difficulty dyeing the colour or simply cutting back on the range of colour. Well this is what happened to the tussah silk yarn Nm 20/2. Five colours of my now long lasting tussah colour range suddenly were no longer available. But the good thing is, there are five new colours here!

The colour which are going to disappear are:

Tussah silk col.# 2577Tussah silk col.# 2534Tussah silk col.# 2536

Tussah silk col.# 2571Tussah silk col.# 2551

Lilac col.# 2577

Raspberry col.# 2534

Mandarin col.# 2536

Navy col.# 2571

Carob col.# 2551

Some of these colours were quite popular and it's sad to see them go. But because I need room in the cupboard for the new colours, I have decided to take 20% off the regular price for these five colours. It is a bargain and if you are interested, you will have to be fast to grab a bobbin for this price. The regular price for a bobbin of 100g of tussah silk is $40.90. The run-out colours will go for $33! Be quick. You will find the 20% off colours separated from the normal silk range and it is called Tussah silk yarn Nm 20/2, 20% off Or simply go to www.bbyarn.com

The quality of this tussah silk is still amazing, old colour or new, it's the most luscious fibre of them all. Tussah silk is a wild grown silk in its natural environment, not controlled and not indoors. That is why it often has a more natural look to it. The natural colour tussah silk is never as white as controlled grown silk because this silk is exposed to the weather until it is harvested. When it is dyed the colours never tend to be as lustrous as controlled grown silk, it keeps that natural look to it. This is the specialty of tussah silk and that is why we like it.

It is quite easy to weave with the tussah silk and it tends not to be too slippery because of its more courser touch. I usually have a sett of 16epi for a plain weave scarf, but depending on what pattern, it can be up to 20epi. My scarves are mostly woven balanced, meaning it has the same ppi as epi. The picture below is a scarf with tussah silk Nm 20/2 in warp and weft in an Echo threading and 4 colours in the warp. The warp colours are deep navy col.# 2547, purple col.# 2543, snow peas col.# 2574 and hot plum col.# 2532. The weft colour is teal col.# 2545. 

 Echo & iris scarf 1

Interested in the new colours? Go and have a look at the regular tussah silk range. The new colours are called Cerise, Chestnut, Deep navy, Hot Plum and Poinsettia. Press on one of the new colour names and it will take you straight to the tussah silk range.

Should you have any questions about the tussah silk range, new colours, old colours or simply need some more information about the yarn itself, don't hesitate to send me an email on sales@bbyarn.com

Looking forward to hear from you.

Happy weaving 


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