The thread counter

This month in my blog post I would like to introduce a new product to my shop: The thread counter

Those of you who have been to my workshops/classes or talked to me on the phone, know that I only sell accessories for weaving which are extremely helpful and make life in weaving just this little bit more efficient and easier. The thread holder is one of these gadgets which I have sold all over Australia and New Zealand to many happy weavers. To have a look at the thread holder click on the image below.

The needles with ball-point is another article which is just this extra help when it comes to fixing your fabric after weaving. These needles come in three sizes and fit to all of your beautiful handwoven work, fine or coarse. Once you have used these needles, you don't want to ever give them away again. These needles are also very handy for fringing or knotting edges. Click on the image below to get more information.

Needle close up

But now to the thread counter: This gadget is mainly used for counting your picks while weaving. It is extremely difficult to count the picks accurately with a measuring tape and a magnifying glass next to it. Most likely you will loose count at least once. That is exactly where the thread counter comes into place. All you have to do is put the counter on your fabric, look through the glass and count from one end to the other. Each thread counter has marks in metric or imperial. All you really have to do is hold the glass still and count. It is that simple.

Do you wonder why it is so important to count the picks while weaving? I believe to have a stable beat in weaving is one of the most hardest skills to learn. You might start the day weaving with an easy steady beat, but through the day the beat might get harder and harder without noticing. I had a student once who made a scarf. We calculated the weft material and only had the exact amount available. But middle through weaving the scarf she ran out of yarn. Why? Because her beat got harder and harder. She started with the right picks/inch, but through the day it seemed she pushed it ever so a little bit tighter. I then gave her a thread counter to use and it never happened again. Her finished scarf was very one sided, one side quite heavy and the other light and fluffy. A lasting example to keep. So therefore counting your picks is very important. What if you want to weave a product with the same amount of threads in warp as in weft, called balanced? How are you going to make sure you are keeping the beat balanced all the way through? Can only be done by counting. Why not make it easier with a thread counter!

Another great way to use the thread counter is for analysing a fabric. Have you ever come across a fabric and you desperately wanted to know how it is made? With the thread counter you can easily identify each thread and figure out the weaving pattern by yourself. A thread counter is a "must have" if you consider analysing fabrics.

I have two different thread counters in stock for you. One has built in led lights which you can turn on when using. This is my favorite and I use it all the time, every day. This thread counter even comes with a case and it sits in the tray next to my loom.

The second thread counter is foldable and fits in any pocket. This gadget is very handy to take anywhere, fabric store, weaving meetings or even a museum.

Here are the specs for both thread counters:

Thread counter with led light and case (batteries included)

  • Metric & imperial scale measurements
  • High quality die cast metal construction
  • Glass lens with superior optics
  • 10x magnification
  • 3 LED's for illumination
  • Protective zip up storage case supplied
  • Dimensions: height 5cm, width 5.5cm, length 18cm


Pocket linen counter, foldable

  • 8x magnification
  • Biconvex glass lens (silicate glass)
  • Lens diameter: 20mm
  • Open window/foot: 20x20mm
  • mm / inch scale: 20mm
  • Dimensions: height 4.3cm, width 3.4cm, length 3.7cm
  • Weight: 28 grams


All I say is that I could not be the weaver I am today without a thread counter, thread holder or even the needles. Try it out yourself and you will be surprised.

To order some of these accessories go to

That is all from me this month.

Stay safe and happy weaving


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