Tencel® yarn 10/2 + 20/2

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Tencel® 10/2 & 20/2

This natural yarn is a great addition to the weaving family. Tencel® is made out of 100% Lyocell, which is a fully natural cellulose fibre. Lyocell is made out of wood pulp and then chemically processed to create the fibre and yarn. The making of lyocell is a semi-synthetic process and a registered trademark.

Weaving with Tencel is a bliss. This yarn has a very special drape and beautiful shine. It is quite unique in its appearance. The feel is lovely smooth and soft. Tencel is rather slippery to work with and quite similar to the bamboo fibre.

This yarn comes in two sizes, a 10/2 and 20/2. The 10/2 is about the size of an 8/2 cotton, but the 20/2 is very fine and delicate. Both yarns are available in natural only. The tencel yarn takes the dye very well and is easy to colour with fibre reactive dyes.

Suitable for weaving, embroidery or stitching.

Content: 100% Lyocell

Care: Hand wash only


Tencel 10/2 = 8534m/kg          100g = 853m   approx. 934yards

Tencel 20/2 = 17,000m/kg       100g = 1700m   approx. 1860yards

Weight: On 100g spools


Tencel 10/2  20-30epi

Tencel 20/2  28 - 45epi

Price: $18.90

Sample card is available for this yarn

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