Fancy yarn scarves

BB Yarn Supply


This range of scarves has many different fancy yarns woven into the fabric. The fancy yarns range from an eyelash yarn to chenille or even a hand spun yarn. The base of the scarf is a luscious tussah silk yarn, to hold the fabric in shape. The fancy yarns can be in any sort of material from wool to polyester. The mix of yarns makes it happy and very cuddly. But at the same time it is a luxurious product with silk.

The fancy yarn scarves all turn out quite unique with whatever fancy yarns are available and on fashion. Each scarf has a different colour silk across, which gives them all an individual look. They are available in any sort of colour from green to beige or even all rainbow colours. Should you have a fancy yarn at home and don't quite know what to do with it, ask Ursula and she will create your own masterpiece with it. No extra cost involved.

The scarves have about 75% silk and 25% fancy yarns in them.

These scarves have to be hand washed in cold water only.

The sizes of the scarves vary between 152 - 154cm and 21cm wide.

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