Crackle weave scarves

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The crackle weave scarves are called crackle weave, because they are woven in a pattern that looks like a lot of crackles all over the fabric.

The crackle weave scarves are made out of 100% bamboo fibre yarn, an environmentally friendly material. They are extraordinarily soft and comfortable to wear. The drape very well around any neck. Bamboo is a fibre that is very skin friendly, suitable for people with any skin problem.

The bamboo fibre is also very easy to care for. The scarves can be washed in the washing machine, but have to be hung dry in shade.

The crackle scarves are available in any sort of colour range from blue to yellow. The warp is hand painted before weaving and each scarf has a different colour across. That way every scarf turns out different and unique. When you wear this scarf around your neck you can be sure, that no one will be wearing the same scarf in the whole wide world.

The scarves can be ordered in any specific colour range for gifts or your own use.

They are easy to care for and machine washable up to 40°C, dried in the shade and hot pressed.

The sizes of these scarves have an average length of 182cm and are 20cm wide. These scarves have knotted fringes.

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