Cotton NeC 20/2

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This cotton yarn is a beautifully soft and delicate thread. The size makes this yarn the fine sister of the 10/2 cotton yarn. It comes in white/bleached and in black. It is mercerised and therefore makes the yarn strong and durable. This yarn is amazingly soft and cuddly to the touch.

The 20/2 cotton is perfect for finer yarn work like producing fabric for clothing. This cotton yarn makes producing anything fine a breeze, like curtains, placemats, bookmarks, scarves or skirt fabric. The 20/2 cotton is also an ideal yarn to use for a thick'n thin project, as the thin yarn. For example a rep weave, summer & winter or any overshot. Because the cotton 20/2 is mercerised it makes it strong and ideal for thick and thin projects. It is easy to use and affordable. The yarn comes in bleached and black only, but is very easy to dye, should you need some colour.

Suitable for weaving, knitting, embroidery or other craft work.

This product is produced in Switzerland.


100% cotton


Warm machine washable


17,000m/kg      100g = 1700m = approx. 1547yds


On bobbins of 100g




100g = $22.90

Sample card is available for this yarn

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