Bambu 12

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This yarn is the little sister of Bambu7 and is also 100% bamboo fibre. Bambu12 is much finer than the bambu7 and belongs to the lace weight yarn group. It is as fine as an Australian 2ply yarn, maybe even a little finer. Bambu12 is available in natural so far, colours might be coming later. The fabric made with this yarn turns luxuriously soft and cuddly.

Bamboo yarn is processed out of 100% cellulose fibre. It is produced much the same way as a rayon yarn. But unlike ordinary rayon yarn, the bambu trademark insists on cultivation from sustainable and environmentally-sound vegetation. The bambu yarn is also free of pesticide and chemical fertilizing. The fabric created out of bamboo turns into a very lovely drape and extraordinary softness.

Bambu 12 is suitable for weaving, stitching or lace making.

In weaving this yarn is strong enough to be used in warp or weft. It is especially nice, when woven lightly with an easy beat. This yarn is ideal for weaving scarves or any wearable fabric.

The bambuTM trademark severs as your assurance that this yarn derives from bamboo vegetation cultivated according to sustainable, environmentally sound process. The bambu trademark is registered to Silk City Fibers, USA.


100% bamboo


Gentle machine washable


12740m/kg      6300ypp


On spools of 100g




100g = $19.90

Sample card is available for this yarn

Made in China

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