Thread counters

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Greatest tool for analysing or counting picks while weaving is still a magnifying glass. But it is very cumbersome to hold a round shaped magnifying glass correctly in the right spot to count the threads per inch or centimeter. This is where the thread counter comes into place. There are several shapes and forms of thread counters we can use today. Most of them have a set frame of one inch or 2 centimetres in square. Which means all you have to do is count the threads in the square to check the right sett or pick. And you can count the threads warp and weft ways. Most thread counters also sit nicely on top of the fabric while you count the threads.

Thread counter with led light and case (batteries included)

  • Metric & imperial scale measurements
  • High quality die cast metal construction
  • Glass lens with superior optics
  • 10x magnification
  • 3 LED's for illumination
  • Protective zip up storage case supplied
  • Dimensions: height 5cm, width 5.5cm, length 18cm


Pocket thread counter, foldable

  • 8x magnification
  • Biconvex glass lens (silicate glass)
  • Lens diameter: 20mm
  • Open window/foot: 20x20mm
  • mm / inch scale: 20mm
  • Dimensions: height 4.3cm, width 3.4cm, length 3.7cm
  • Weight: 28 grams


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