The Handweavers Correspondence course

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The Handweavers Correspondence course

This handweavers correspondence course will provide you with an excellent grounding if you want to pursue a career as a professional handweaver or teacher of handweaving or simply for your own satisfaction.

  • project based learning
  • collected into easy to follow modules (called packages)
  • being able to work in your own pace
  • each module includes other subjects like colour theory and fibre knowledge
  • gain an beginning to advanced knowledge and understanding of a wide variety of weave structures
  • develop your weaving skills to an expert level
  • permanent tutor help through email or phone
  • build your creative skills and confidence to be your own innovative weaver

We all know that excellence in weaving is about more than just copying a pattern out of a book. A good weaver should:

  • be able to design an attractive product
  • have the technical knowledge to transform a design functionally
  • have the craft skills to produce a finished item to a high standard

BB Yarns weaving correspondence course addresses all these areas.

The course is structured into 3 levels. Each level contains 18 packages (modules).

First level:

·         4 weaving projects

·         Loom theory

·         Colour theory for weavers

·         Drafting

·         Fibre knowledge (plant fibres)

Second level:

·         9 weaving projects

·         Loom theory

·         Designing for weavers

·         Drafting

·         Fibre knowledge (plant & synthetic fibres)

Third level:

·         18 weaving projects

·         Drafting

·         Weaving challenge

Who is it for?

This is a course for any weaving interested craft person. It can be someone who has never touched a loom before, or simply someone who has done some weaving, but would like to know more.

The most important qualification for this course is a strong desire to improve your weaving.

How long will it take to complete the course?

This is entirely up to you. The modules are designed, so they can be done at any time you like at home by yourself. Each module has some practical work to complete and some take longer than others. This course can easily be completed by someone who has a full time job and enjoys weaving over weekends or after work. There is no time limit on finishing the modules.

What equipment will I need?

You will need access at home to a 4 - 8 shaft loom. The first level can be completed with a 4 shaft table loom. From the second to the third level you will at least need an 8 shaft loom. The whole course could be completed on table looms, but it is recommended to have an opportunity to weave some pieces wider than 50cm.

Who is the tutor and creator of this course?

Ursula Stehle has a diploma in handweaving, achieved in 1993 at BFF college in Switzerland. She has since then vast experience in teaching at all levels from beginners to advanced all over Queensland, Australia and has had her own highly regarded weaving practice from home. The course is based on her practical experience and studies. Ursula will be available on phone or email to keep in touch or talk through any problem.

How does the course work?

The course consists of modules (called packages) which each contains a part of all subjects to work through. Once all the exercises have been completed, the pages can be sent back for review. The corrected pages will then be sent out again with the new module to complete. Each new module can only be sent out when old one is completed. The reason for this is simple, each module contains information, which will be learned and needed for next module. Each module will give instructions and practical experience in all subject and will take you one step further into vast knowledge of handweaving.

What are the projects?

The weaving projects are the heart of the course. Each weaving project contains some parts of colour theory, fibre knowledge and drafting to experience. The projects are always designed, woven and presented by you. Each article will be something to use and not just samples for the folder. At the end of each weaving project you will have an article to look at and use, containing all your experience with it.

Is the course affiliated to any awarding body?

No, not at the moment. We want to be free of the constraints imposed by the various awarding bodies so that we can concentrate on offering what our students want to learn. BB Yarn Supply is however expected to be rigorous in ensuring the standards are high!

What will it cost?

Each module costs $42 and has to be paid in advance. The first module also includes the advance payment for the whole material of the first weaving project $50 ($92 for the start of course). The future weaving projects can then be ordered extra through BB Yarn or organised by yourself.  Depending on how fast you may work on this course, you might only spend $42 a fortnight or month.

Download enrolment form Level 1 here

Download enrolment form Level 2 here

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