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Have you ever wondered how a weaving pattern is built and how to change it? Sick of not feeling secure enough to design your own draft instead of copying one from a magazine or book? Or you feel like brushing up on some drafting knowledge?

These set of courses should help you with exactly this. Learn how to design your own drafts! Get the confidence to create your own weaving from start to finish. Discover the world of possibilities in weaving!

This course starts with learning how to draw a draft from the drawdown side, where the design lies. From the design we work out the shafts, treadles and tie-up. This way the creativity lies in the design and not being restricted by shafts/treadles.

The first two files start right at the beginning and make you work through all the twill weaves. It is all about the twills from a simple straight twill to undulating, plaited or turned. The build of each twill weave is explained in detail and with some examples to study. At the end of each chapter is an exercise to work through. This way you can learn first hand on how to create this twill. Solutions are provided in an extra file.

With this course you learn

  • How to read a draft
  • How to change a draft
  • How to design a draft

There are two Twill modules to work through, Twill 1 and Twill 2. Each Twill module is downloaded and paid for separately. With the first module, Twill 1 you will receive 3 files; Twill part 1, Twill part 1 solutions & Twill part 1 exercises. The first two files Twill part 1 & Twill part 1 solutions come in a format with protection (non print version) except the Twill exercise files, which can be printed out for your convenience. Module Twill 2 is the same with also three files included.

New: The Drafting theory modules are now also available in printed format. You will receive each module on paper in a folder and mailed to you. Each module is available for $42 + postage.

These two drafting modules contain the drafting theory from the weaving correspondence course level 1. If you wish to jump level 1 and start straight with level 2, these two drafting modules will have to be purchased and completed first.

Twill 1 $19.90 (includes 3 files) 

Twill 2 $19.90 (includes 3 files)

Mac version is now available!

Here are the Microsoft downloading instructions for BB Yarn Supplies digital files

Twill 1 printed version $42 + postage

Twill 2 printed version $42 + postage

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