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Have you ever felt like breaking out of the same old colour scheme you have been using? But you don't feel confident enough? Would you like to learn more about colours and how they behave?

Well this two part colour theory course will certainly change your mind and hopefully give you the ability and security to leap out and use more colours in your work.

This course is based on Johannes Itten's colour theory and the 7 contrasts. The course is ideal for textile designers and each contrast has special notes on how the theory can be used in weaving. It is eye opening for what a slight difference in a colour can do. What things to avoid and where the harmonious colours hide. What is the trick to make sure the fabric ends up to be balanced in colour?

This course uses water based paints for easier and faster experimentation with colours. Each contrast is explained with lots of examples and has various exercises to complete and work on.

Work yourself through this course and receive colour confidence!

Learn the laws of colour for your

  • new knowledge in your textile work
  • being able to remix colours from a sample
  • able to distinguish differences in colour
  • most important get confidence in new colour combinations

There are two colour theory modules to work through, Colour Theory 1 and Colour Theory 2. Each Colour theory module is downloaded and paid for separately. With the first module, CT 1 you will receive 1 file in pdf format with protection (non print version) and an envelope posted to your address with some exercise material for your convenience. Module CT 2 is the same with also one file and envelope with colour exercise material posted. Please add your address to the note box at the check out.

New: The Colour theory modules are now also available in printed format. You will receive each module on paper in a folder and mailed to you. Each module is available for $42 + postage.

These two colour theory modules contain the whole colour theory from the weaving correspondence course level 1. If you wish to jump level 1 and start straight with level 2, these two colour theory modules will have to be purchased and completed first.

CT 1 $24.90 (includes 1 file + material)

CT 2 $24.90 (includes 1 file + material)

Mac version is now available!

Here are the downloading instructions for BB Yarn Supplies digital files

Colour theory 1 printed version $42 + postage

Colour theory 2 printed version $42 + postage

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