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These colourful carriers are the perfect way to carry your baby along with you. The long wraps are for a baby to be carried in and wrapped around your body. The baby will automatically calm down by being carried so close to your body. The constant closeness will sooth the baby.  The wraps are buckle, button or strap free. More instructions on how to use the wrap can be found at

The carriers are made out of 100% bamboo yarn and feel incredibly soft. The bamboo yarn has plenty of strength to carry a baby, but at the same time still feels soft and comfortable. The fine fabric is easy to fold and knot. The bamboo is naturally friendly to any skin and easy to care for.

This quality baby carrier has been tested by a busy mum of two young kids and is highly recommended.

The wrap can also be used as just a towel to wrap a child in to make it feel comfortable or for cover in the cod.

There is only one available at this stage, more carriers in various colours will be available soon.

The carriers can be washed in the washing machine with similar colours in warm water. The cloth should be dried in shade. The wet fabric will feel rather stiff and hard. Once it is totally dried, it can be ironed hot. The ironing will make it soft and pliable again.

The wraps will be available in different sizes from 2 - 8 ranges from a length of 2.7m to 5.7m. All of them have a width of 80cm.

Size 2 - 2.7m

Size 3 - 3.2m

Size 4 - 3.7m

Size 5 - 4.2m

Size 6 - 4.7m

Size 7 - 5.2m

Size 8 - 5.7m

The available wrap is size 5

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