Rosepath t-towels

BB Yarn Supply


The hand woven Rosepath t-towels are lightweight and colourful towels for the guest- bathroom or kitchen. These t-towels are smaller than the average towel for easy handling and drying. Because of their linen content, they are can be used as glass towels as well.

These towels contain a cotton warp and a linen weft. The cotton makes the towel soft and the linen is absorbent. The more you wash the towel the softer it gets. 

The pattern can be either a diamond or a zigzag shape.

The t-towels are woven in gradient colours from dark to light. They are available in any wishful colour range. There are now several colours available, more coming coon. Or you may ask Ursula to weave a towel in specific colour just for you.

The towels are machine washable up to 60°C and can be hot pressed.

The size of the t-towel ranges from 68-72cm x 35cm.

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