Water marked linen yarn

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Linen yarn with water marks on label

Unfortunately, maybe fortunately for you, these 4 black cones of linen yarn got wet on the way here from The Netherlands. The parcel with the linen arrived here in Australia during one of these rain periods and the bottom of the cardboard box got soaked. Four black cones of black linen NeL16/2 were wet when it arrived. I dried the linen and I don't think it took any damage from it. The label did though. So it is available for 20% off the original price = $13.50/cone

The linen yarn is one of the oldest yarns ever produced and is cultivated from the flax plant. The plants are grown, harvested  and spun without any chemicals used and is qualified as a GOTS approved yarn. This makes this linen yarn very special and one of the highest qualities available. This yarn is wet spun to give it a lovely smooth feel.

Linen has a beautiful natural ability to be durable, cool and breathable. The produced textiles last a lifetime. Linen can feel cool in summer and warm in winter. The yarn has a beautiful natural sheen, which is just wonderful to work with.

Weaving advice: Linen is not the easiest to work with. Dampen the yarn before weaving will make it stronger and easier to handle. Spray the yarn with water at the back of the loom or/and wrap the weft bobbins in a wet cloth before using.

This yarn is produced in the Netherlands by Venne-Colcoton Unikat.

Suitable for weaving, embroidery, stitching or bookbinding.

Content: 100% organically grown longflax, wet spun

Care: Warm machine washable

Length: 5,500m/kg.

Weight: On 100g cones

Sett: 18-24epi


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