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Until October 2012 I have been giving forthnightly ongoing weaving workshops for two groups from home. Due to an overwhelming response for the weaving correspondence course and important business commitments, I have given up all workshops until further notice.

Should you be interested in learning how to weave, please don't hesitate to have a closer look at the correspondence course.

Correspondence course

A handweavers correspondence course
This handweavers correspondence course will provide you with an excellent grounding if you want to pursue a career as a professional handweaver or teacher of handweaving or simply for your own satisfaction.
   - project based learning
   - collected into easy to follow modules ( called packages)
   - being able to work in your own pace
   - each module includes other subjects like colour theory and fibre knowledge
   - gain an beginning to advanced knowledge and understanding of a wide variety of weave structures
   - develop your weaving skills to an expert level
   - permanent tutor help through email or phone
   - build your creative skills and confidence to be your won innovative weaver

We all know that excellence in weaving is about more than just copying a pattern out of a book. A good weaver should:
be able to design an attractive product
   - have the technical knowledge to transform a design functionally
   - have the craft skills to produce a finished item to a high standard

BB Yarns weaving correspondence course addresses all these areas.

Interested? Read more here

Enrolment form can be downloaded here