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Texsolv two leg pegs

The texsolv two leg pegs come in packets of 25
Article number: T12G

The texsolv two leg pegs are especially designed to lock the texsolv cord in place. The nook on the flat side of the peg is slipped into a split in the cord. The two legs are then pushed into a hole on the treadle or lam. The peg is locked into the hole with the cord securely placed on it. Lams and treadles can  easily be lifted up and down for weaving. The cord and peg can be shifted or taken off afterwards. 

Boatshuttle straight with rollers D 25

Article number: A10A

This boatshuttle is long (35cm or about 14inches) and not as high as the normal boat shuttles.
The opening slit is wide which gives a lot of moving space for the weaving thread.
It has rollers to make it move more easily and faster. The boatshuttle is made out of beautiful beech timber. You don't need to have a race on your loom. This boat shuttle goes smooth along between the warp threads!

Cardboard bobbins

$22 for 50 bobbins
Article number: A11Z

These bobbins fit into most shuttles, are lightweight and have a rough surface for good holdage of the yarn. They are made out of cardboard and are 13cm long. These bobbins are perfect for light or heavy yarns.
The bobbins can be purchased single or in a bundle of 50.

Thread holder

Article number: A12BB

The thread holder is a niffty article to use and a very handy thing to have.
The thread holder is there to hold the threads in place after threading them through the heddles. It is a small gadget which clips on any shaft frame. After hooking the thread through the heddle, instead of just letting the thread hang, clip it over the holder (see pic). The thread will be hold there neat and secure until your bundle of thread is finished. The thread holder can be moved along the shaft frame and afterwards transferred to the next loom.
I certainly couldn't thread without my thread holder any more.

The thread holder is made out of Australian stainless steel and hand bent by BB Yarn Supply.

Thread counter

$37 Out of stock
Article number: A14?

The thread counter is a magnifying glass imbedded in a foldable frame with an exact square of 2 x 2cm hole underneath. This is a very handy gadget for your easy counting of ends or picks. Stand the counter on your woven fabric with the glass showing up, bend down and peek through the glass. Looking through the magnifying glass makes the counting of the threads real easy and gives you the exact amount of threads per 2cm. After counting, the gadget can be folded up into a small square which fits into any pocket. 

The thread counter has a magnifying glass which enlarges 8x the normal size and a metal frame.

Threading hook

Article number: A15Z

This threading hook has a long arm, which makes it very convenient for catching the threads, even when they are far back. The hook itself is imbedded into the arm so the threads once in the hook won't slip off too easily.

This hook is 24cm long and has a red plastic handle.

Reed hook $14.55 Out of stock
Article number: A16?

I find most reed hooks are too thick and short for easy sleying. This reed hook though is made out of a very thin metal blade which slides even through the most narrow dents. The hook is embedded into the blade for convenient holding of the threads. This reed hook has a handle and lays comfortable in your hand.

The reed hook is 19cm and has a wooden handle.

Fringe twister

Article number: A17K

The fringe twister is a must have for scarf weavers. With this twister you can make an easy and quick fringe without much effort. It twists the strands with the equal amount of turns each time. The clips are very strong and won't drop your strands.
This twister can also be used for making cords or strings.

The fringe twister is Aussie made out of Australian wood and comes with instructions on how to make fringes and cords.

Texsolv cord

The texsolv cord comes in two thicknesses, 1/12 (3mm) and 1/20 (5mm).
Article number: T10G

The texsolv cord is a unique nylon cording system from Glimakra, Sweden. It is a white nylon cord with a split every 1cm (1/12 cord) and every 2cm (1/20 cord). The cord is very strong and long lasting. It is mainly used on looms for hanging up the shafts and treadles.
There are specific pegs used with it to lock the cord in place. See below.

Texsolv arrow pegs

The texsolv arrow pegs come in packets of 25
Article number: T11G

The texsolv arrow pegs are especially designed to lock the texsolv cord in place. The pointing end of the peg is put through two splits in the cord to create a loop. The loop can then be wrapped around a shaft frame or  hook. This will hold the cord in place , but can easily be ajusted if necessary. This system is a really easy and safe way of being able to move your shafts/treadles up and down.

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